DOS Programs by Tom Almy

These programs all all Freeware -- distribute them freely but don't sell them or claim them as your work.

A major feature of all my programs is that I believe that "small is better." You will find these programs are all small yet efficient and surprisingly powerful. All of these programs will run on any MS-DOS system.

Most of these programs will be especially useful to the visually impaired.

If you write programs, my ForthCMP Forth Compiler is an eye opener. I've also been the major force in XLISP-PLUS.


The world may be going to multimedia, but it seems there is always text file manipulation to do. These programs perform chores that I've often needed to do but existing programs haven't handled.

The Almy Utilities (24k) are a small set of programs which will add/remove tabs and leading spaces in files. It will also split large files into smaller files.

JUSTIFY (26k) will reformat text files. It will attempt to figure out the structure of the input file and produce structured output. Justify now has added features for EMAIL formatting. Comes with source code in C. Includes Linux executable!

ReANSII (47k) converts among ANSI/Graphic, Avatar0+, RemoteAccess, Renegade, and WildCat! codes, and plain ASCII. This new version 1.4 will merge text files on graphic backgrounds files. Great for making display files printable. Comes with C source code. Includes Linux executable!

UnHTML (24k) removes HTML and some SGML from text files, leaving the file good condition for formatting/viewing with a word processor or JUSTIFY. I wrote it to get public domain text files from Web pages and other sources where the markup is copyrighted. Comes with C source. Includes Linux executable!


These programs have found lots of use over the years. Alas, they are no longer useful with the latest 32 bit OSes (Windows NT, for instance), however NNANSI can be used with OS/2, Windows NT (for running DOS programs) or (possibly) Windows 95, and RESTART has uses beyond config.sys management.

NNANSI (70k) is a fast and powerfun ANSI.SYS replacement, perhaps the best available. Works as a device driver or uninstallable TSR. Also supports speech synthesizer software and Japanese MS-DOS. Comes with assembler source. Re-assembly may be required for optimum performance. NNANSI is now distributed under the GNU General Public License.

RESTART (15k) is a system configuation manager much more powerful than that which comes with MS/DOS. This program will manage any number of ASCII configurations files simultaneously, thus is not limited to strictly MS-DOS. Comes with source code in C.

KBDR (1k) makes the caps lock key into another control key.


OK, so these are no DOOM or MYST clones. But then they will fit on a floppy with room to spare. LOTS of room to spare.

Jumble (tm) and Scrabble (tm) Assistants (337k because of dictionary size) consists of two programs, jelbum which solves the Jumble puzzles found in newspapers and online, and wordsin which finds all the words in a set of characters and is useful for Scrabble among other things. I wrote this program in 1989, and provide them here as compiled 11 years ago. They still run today, but the user interface is pretty poor. Maybe I'll write a new version in Java!

My Adventure (44k) is an interactive fiction text adventure that offers many puzzles and challenges.

The game Sokoban (15k) was written in Forth and compiled using ForthCMP. This program needs an ANSI driver, such as ANSI.SYS or NNANSI.COM

Super Star Trek (83k), quite possibly the best of the "Star Trek" games from the 1970s. More information is here.

Dungeon Adventure (AKA "Zork") (194k), the big mainframe version of one of the first popular computer games of the late 1970s. More information is here.

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