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ForthCMP is the Forth language compiler for computers running MS-DOS. It has the following major features:

You simply won't believe the small size of the compiler or the programs that it generates. With today's systems compilation is "instantaneous." This compiler represents mature, stable technology. The first version was produced in 1982 and it has been enhanced over the years for better operation.

See a demonstration of "Hello World" here.

ForthCMP comes in two versions, one for the ANS Forth Standard, and the other supporting the older 1983 Forth Standard. This shareware program is fully functional, only the documentation is withheld. However there are instructions for compiling the demonstration programs. Wondering about ANS Forth Standard compliance and optional extension word sets? Check here.

Download the ANS Forth version 2.3s (111k) REVISED 01/1999
Download the 1983 Standard Forth version 2.21o (98k) REVISED 12/1998

The distribution method for ForthCMP has changed. The $50 registration fee now licenses both versions. When you register, you the documentation for both versions and the ANS Forth draft standard as PDF files via EMAIL if you order vial Paypal or on CD if you order via mail (same price but takes longer!).

You can register via mail using the instructions in the READ.ME file in the downloaded archive, or you can pay for your registration using PayPal for faster delivery. If you use Paypal, you can charge the purchase to your credit card. Click on the icon below to order:

This game, Sokoban (14k), is written in ForthCMP. The source code is provided in the ANS Forth version, above. You don't need the compiler to run the program, but I'd suggest you download the compiler as well to see how it works.

Everything you might want to know about Forth can be found at this Forth Information Page. It includes ANS Forth documentation, several Forth primers, and other Forth implementations.

Y2K Compliance

Both versions of of ForthCMP available here, as well as all earlier versions, are Y2K compliant. The ANS Forth version implements the only function that utilizes dates, TIME&DATE, which returns a four digit date. As this is based on an operating system call, if the operating system is Y2K compliant, then ForthCMP will display the correct date.

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