[Photo of Tom Almy]

Here I am!

Now you know what I look like. This picture was taken in the early 1990's with a digital camera where I worked at the time (Tektronix).

I'm now a retired Electrical Engineer, after 42 years, and I also taught digital courses at Oregon Tech in Portland for 25 years.

But I was probably best known for various computer programs that I've written or developed, many of which are available here. Alas, some of my earliest efforts were done for machines that are no longer in use, such as my Z-80 Forth and a Genealogical Descendent Database program.

One bit of software notoriety -- I wrote a program called "noshare" which was a workaround for MS-DOS 4.0 which required SHARE be loaded for drive partitions greater than 30 megabytes (those were the days!). Microsoft had an official statement recommending against it's use. It's not too often one gets recognition from big companies.

Other interests include photography (my major interest), organ music and woodworking. I'm married to my wife of 43 years, Joan, and we've got three children, all of which are grown.