Text Editor and COrector

TECO, that grand old text editor your father used when he was young, is still available! It is powerful and compact precursor to EMACS and has a completely nongraphical user interface. This is based on Pete Siemsen's TECOC implementation, and comes with a copy of the original DECUS TECO documentation.

TECO Frequently Asked Questions

Download Here!

While I'm maintaining the files as I had worked on them and downloads here, Blake McBride has taken the source code, added the video/scope mode, fixed bugs and improved the speed (not that it is slow!), documented the changes and has it available in GitHub. Go here for his work https://github.com/blakemcbride/TECOC

Except for Linux and Mac OS X users, you will need to download the documentation, and one of the three executables:

Now, TECO is available for Linux. Many changes to the UNIX version of TECOC have been made to bring this implementation up to snuff. The gzipped archive contains the executable, documentation (some specific for Linux) and support files, and the source files necessary to recompile if you find it necessary.

TECO for Mac OS X. Just revised by compiling for 64-bit Intel, suitable for OS X Lion! Must keep it up to date. Imagine 64-bit code running TECO! This is a gzipped TAR file. I figure that any Mac user that knows how to extract it and get it installed (it's just binary executable, not an App) is qualified to use it.

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