Lazyman Sudoku Generator and Solver

Five years ago I wrote and put on-line a free Minefield game intended for people who wanted to play Minefield but didn't have the time or energy to play. I'm continuing the trend with Lazyman Sudoku.

You can download the Java JAR file to run the game using this link or play on-line, below. Note that only certain browsers still allow running Java applets, and that ability will be going away by the end of 2016. Want the source code? It's all ready for Netbeans IDE here, but the Java souce files can be compiled using any environment or from the command line.

Lazyman Sudoku can be played two ways. You can take an existing unsolved puzzle, enter it into the playing field (use "Clear" to clear any existing locations), press "Lock" and play the game. If you don't have an unsolved puzzle or just don't have the energy to find one, you can press either "Create Puzzle", or if you are more adverturesome (realy?) "Hard Puzzle".

At this point you can play manually by clicking on a square and typing in the value. Only values that don't cause conflicts will be accepted. Press "Validate" to determine if the current board position has a solution. If you can't find a location you can fill in, press "Hints" to display locations with single (green) or two (yellow) choices.

If you are in a hurry, press "Play Forced" to mark all the easily deduced locations, or just press "Solve" to solve the puzzle.

You can actually setup and play a game a second on a fast computer. Amaze all your friends with your skill!