Classes in Portland at Oregon Tech

I taught at Oregon Institute of Technology's Portland campuses part time from Fall 1990 through Spring 2015. Here is information covering what I've taught in the 2012-2013 school year.

SEE THE PROJECTS in EE 335, WINTER 2015 and earlier.

EE 333 Microcontroller Engineering

Offered Fall 2014. Use of the "C" programming language is optional in the second half of the term, if you know it. Otherwise assembly language can be used as it is in the first half of the term.

The Microcontroller courses were based on the Freescale Semiconductor 68HCS12 and used the Wytec Dragon12-Plus-USB board. Students received my CD based textbook, Designing with Microcontrollers -- The 68HCS12, my 68HCS12 simulator, and all class assignments in a ZIP file the first class meeting. Go here to buy the CD with the text and simulator or the printed version of the text.

EE 335 Advanced Microcontroller Engineering

Offered Winter 2015.

EE 331 Digital Systems with HDL

Offerred Winter 2015

Since the Fall 2004 EET 313P class, students bought an FPGA evaluation board for use in the lab, and in other courses (Digital Systems II and in some cases the Senior Project). The last FPGA board was the Digilent Nexys 4. The textbook was Circuit Design and Simulation with VHDL by Volnei A. Pedroni, second edition, ISBN 978-0-262-01433-5, however an additional short reference text (as a PDF file) was provided at no cost. A DVD containing all the software, documentation, assignments, and some videos for the course was provided at the first meeting.

EE 432 Advanced Digital Design with HDL

Offered Spring 2015. For past seven years there has been group projects to implement a PDP-8 minicomputer in an FPGA. I've written a small book about the project and have made the source code available to book purchasers. See here or go straight to to order here. It's only $2.99 and goes to a good cause (my retirement).

The textbook and FPGA board are the same as required in EE331.