BBS Utility Programs by Tom Almy

Except for User Updater -- Universal, these programs all all Freeware -- distribute them freely but don't sell them or claim them as your work.

A major feature of all my programs is that I believe that "small is better." You will find these programs are all small yet efficient and surprisingly powerful. These programs were originally written for my use, and are generally for RemoteAccess BBS and the Frontdoor/Intermail Fidonet mailers. I don't run a BBS anymore, but still make these programs available.

Year 2000 Statement: The only programs here that makes use of dates is User Updater Universal and Echo Report. U3 is Y2K aware. Echo Report will probably have problems since it reports data from GECHO which is not Y2K aware.

I've written many other programs which are available for your use. Go back to my home page to find them!

User Updater -- Universal (50k) is a user database utility for RemoteAccess 2.0x or 2.5x. It can modify user records, print records, run external programs such as robot mailers, tally information, and MORE, based on database fields using your own criteria of any complexity. It can also examine and modify EXITINFO.BBS. So flexible it must be seen to be believed! U3 overcomes RemoteAccess's Y2K user record updating problems. (Shareware)

Echo Report (32k) is an incoming echomail statistics reporting program for GEcho. It's based on the program GMS, but is easier to use and produces simpler output. I wrote it because I wanted reports on a revolving basis -- for instance, the last seven days rather than during the current week. This program is free and comes with C source code.

Node List Processor (9k) is used to produce a functional nodelist of a single net from a full Fidonet nodelist. This program is free and comes with C source code.

FREQ Count Processor (16k) updates the download counts in RemoteAccess 2.02 (or 2.5x) based on file requests recorded by FrontDoor or InterMail. Again, this is a free program with source code in C.

Pretty print nodelist (10k) prints the node number, sysop name, system name, and location of a Fidonet nodelist. Lines are indented according to the position in the hierarchy. Program can be modified to print any information. Free.

FixFile 1.0(10k) allows running RemoteAccess 2.0x compatible file database programs with the new RemoteAccess version 2.5x. This program is not required for any of my utility programs listed above. Free and comes with source code.

Tom Almy
Last Modified January 2, 1999

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